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As part of the 2017 Vesak celebration at Nairobi Buddhist Temple, we have organized a four-day mini Buddhist study program. Venerable Bhante Wimala, the head monk of the Nairobi Buddhist temple will teach the classes. The program will start on 16th April 2017.

If you are interested in attending the classes, please send an email to  


The Nairobi Buddhist Temple will be celebrating Vesak, to commemorate the Birth, the Enlightenment and the Passing away of the Buddha on 7th May at the Buddhist Temple Loresho, all are welcome!

Water Project No. 5 : Devastated Thuldi Village Gets Drinking Water


Thuldi village in Cavbre District lost their water sauce after the earthquake. 40 families  who  live in the village ware walking up to one Killometer to get drinking water for themselves and their animals.  People spent most of the day hiking up the mountain and fetching water form this distance water spring.


Lay a one kilometter long pipeline form a new water spring. Build a water holding tank, Run pipes and construct 4 water taps in different part of the village for people to have easy access to water.

Project Status: Mission accomplished

We have completed the project to provide water to 40 families who live in the village of Thuldi in Cavbre district.

Having water in their village was such a special event that women put on their wedding dresses and put make up on to participate in the inauguration ceremony.  They danced to the rhythm of traditional music and accompanied me around the village. It was truly a joyful and colorful celebration to mark the end of their problems and suffering due to the lack of water in Thuldi village.

Thuldi village was badly shaken by the earthquake. 40 families in this remote village in The Himalayan Mountains were suffering badly. All the houses in Thuldi are either damaged or completely destroyed by the earthquake. Most of the families live in temporary housing. But the worst thing is that they lost their water source. Everybody was going through lot of hardships as they had to bring water from a far away spring for people as well as for animals.

Bringing in a pipeline from a distant spring, we built a holding tank and four taps in different locations. Since the community is spread out, we decided to build four taps in different locations so that everybody will have easy access to a water tap. 

When the celebration ended, darkness had fallen already and it was time for a big feast. It is hard to describe the joy I felt and joy we shared together on this special day. What an amazing experience. Gratitude and blessings to everybody who supports us. 

Special Events And Spiritual Programs At The Nairobi Buddhist Temple

Please join us for special events and spiritual programs in celebration of Vesak.   full story...

Fundamentals Of Buddhism, (Dana, Sila Bhanvana)

Please join us for a special guest teacher, Mr. Richard Jones from London, who will conduct the meditation program on the 15th, 22nd and 29th of December.   full story...

Independence Day Celebration In Nairobi

Sri Lanka became an independent, sovereign nation on February 4, 1948. On February 4, 2013, the Sri Lankan Independence Day celebration was held on the premises of the Sri Lanka High Commission in Nairobi.   full story...

Promoting Peaceful Elections In Kenya

National and local elections were held in Kenya on March 4, 2013, electing the President, Senators, County governors and members of Parliament for the 290 electoral constituencies. The whole country was tense and worried, in fear of repetition of the post-election violence that followed the previous election in 2008.   full story...

Triple Gem Society Africa – It Is Official

“Triple Gem Society Africa” has been doing humanitarian projects in Africa for the past 15 years, but was never officially registered. For the first time, we have registered “Triple Gem Society Africa” as a non-governmental organization in Kenya.   full story...

Launching The Vesak Programs At A Hindu Temple

Each year, we celebrate the birth, enlightenment and passing away of the Buddha during the Vesak celebrations. This year Vesak celebrations in Nairobi, Kenya, included three special events, two in Nairobi and one in the coastal city of Mombasa.   full story...

Honor From The Last Mayor Of Nairobi

The mayoral system in the cities of Kenya was dissolved in 2013 in order to implement a newly approved constitution.   full story...

Vesak Celebration In Mombasa

Bhante delivering the evening Dhamma talk at the main shrine of the Radha Krishna Hindu Temple in Mombasa.   full story...